Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Usual

The leaves are falling, we have pumpkins and candy at the ready, and the kids have found some things at Walmart which they say will become costumes. (They say they are not too old to dress up and mooch candy, before you ask. Since they are both good about sharing candy with me, I choose to assume that they know more about these things than I do.) 

Finny, helping Katie with Latin.

Katie has been asking to have a sleepover for a while, and this weekend we gave in. She and her friend had a good time, and actually did go to sleep at a fairly reasonable (for a sleepover) sort of time. And they made cookies and had a pancake "bake off" this morning (there were blackberry pancakes, blueberry pancakes, apple pancakes, and pumpkin spice pancakes. I am told that they were mostly very good.). Ed judged and said that he just couldn't decide between them -- sensible man!

And here are a few of Finny learning piano. Katie says he is picking it up very quickly!

(I like the way he is reading music so intently in this one!)

"This is fun, Mom!"


Janie said...

That sweet boy is getting big! Bet he's full of some good fluffy softness too!

Melora said...

He Is! Incredibly soft and fluffy (although, with great fluffiness comes... shedding! fine, soft puppy hairs all over everything!)