Monday, October 05, 2015


I'm fifty today.

I had hoped that something profound would come to mind (stop scoffing -- it could happen), but I only came up with platitudes and false cheer. "It beats the alternative." "It could be worse (and before too long it likely will be)." Etc. So, best stick to gratitude. That, I have in abundance. Katie came into our room last night at 12:01 to wish me a happy birthday and offer an enthusiastic interpretive dance in honor of the occasion. And from the moment I woke up this morning my darlings have been showering me with affection, gifts, and sweet puppy kisses. I'm still a bit full from last night's dinner out of Chinese food (Mondays are too hectic to try to eat out), but Ed got a fabulous ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, and Katie made the cutest little Minion cake topper in the world to decorate it, so.... awesome party food! (and Ed just now brought me in a really good gin and tonic -- the man is a master!) So, yeah.  Fifty. With all the love from my family, cards, warm greetings from Facebook friends, puppy love, gifts, and bright blue skies, I'm just fine with it. Feeling blessed.

Katie did some awesome "disguise" wrapping, so that all her presents were complete surprises. Really excellent surprises!

She knows me so well. Crazy colored fluffy socks!

She got me this wonderful smelling pumpkin spice candle. Mmmm!

A month or so ago, a cashier at Walmart told us about pecan pie M&M's, but we haven't been able to find any. So the kids ordered M&M's from Amazon -- pecan pie and also pumpkin latte. And, gosh, are they good!

And my brother and his wife somehow knew that I "needed" a Spiralizer! I only just got a cookbook for grain-free cooking that has lots of recipes that include sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc., cut into "noodles," and I did think that that seemed pretty cool. But somehow they knew, and what a neat surprise!

Finny. He's getting to be a big boy!

A fabulous pile of birthday books! And I am now officially instituting a book acquiring moratorium until I catch up on my backlog (with exceptions allowed for school books, digital bargains, and anything that is part of a series I'm already reading. But that is it!).

Katie made me this wonderful card!

(Ed made me a wonderful card too, but I don't have a photo.)

Katie made this little Minion cake topper out of white chocolate -- isn't he sweet?

And Ed noticed that there were no birthday pictures of him. That's how it is when you are the photographer! But here he is -- my kind, wonderful, long suffering honeybunch.


Janie said...

Looks like you had a great intro into this decade! When I turned fifty, it took me ever so long not to choke on the word when I said it. Now it looks young since I'm in my last year of the fifties.

You've been showered with blessings!

Melora said...

I'm full of ice cream cake and surrounded with new books (and wearing new jeans!) -- how can I complain? Thank you -- I really have been blessed!

The Foil Hat said...

Looks like the perfect 50 to me! I like your version of a moratorium on new books - I think I could live with that.

Melora said...

I couldn't have asked for better. And, yeah, I've tried to stop acquiring and catch all the way up before, but this time I Really mean it. It would be a shame to die with a stack of books yet to read (although, also a shame to die with nothing left to read.... Still, I'll consider that problem when/if it becomes a likelihood!)