Saturday, October 03, 2015

Playing with Cats and Lizards (Yet more Finny!)

What can I say? It's been raining. And raining. We've been doing school. But... Finny is growing and doing his thing, and his thing is pretty darned cute. So, more pictures!

Emma still hasn't come round. Possibly something to do with the fact that Finn still imagines she will become a playful puppy if only he gives the right sort of convincing "woof" and pounce. But Harry is remarkably forgiving! He still comes trotting over when he sees Finny come out to play.

Here Katie is giving Harry a lift back to the house, with Finny in hot pursuit. "Come back here with my cat!"

Only, Katie lost a shoe. She had to put Harry down to put the shoe back on. And Harry decided that he'd had enough puppy rough-housing for a while.

Here Finny is, panting up to the finish line (the cat door into the garage). Harry kindly waited for him.

And this is a new game! Travis bought a lovely plastic squeaky lizard at the Halloween store at the mall last weekend. Finny is sure that the lizard is really his.

Mmmmm! Squeaky lizard!

I tried to capture the mad darting and leaping, but my camera just isn't fast enough (or maybe it's me). Anyway, the best I could do was get the Intent Look.

In other news, Finny did some nice "fetching" tonight. It is possible that he is getting the idea. Also, it turns out that he does Not like green beans. Sugar snap peas, yes. Green beans, no. Another fussy child.

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