Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin carving, then trick or treating. The weather cooperated -- this evening was absolutely beautiful, if too cold. Ed and I went for a walk down a quiet street while the kids trick-or-treated on the crowded main street. It was nice.

Travis, as a werewolf in a top hat.

And Katie as a zombie bride. Obviously.

And now for some gratuitous Finny pictures!

He loves his crate mattress, but he likes to lie Under it as much as on Top of it. It makes a nice cave.

He found this fabulous stick, and said that he was going to be a Vampire Hunter for Halloween, so he needed to sharpen his stake. He worked at it with such dedication that by the time he was finished, it only would have done for the smallest sort of vampire.

And here, on Top of the mattress, with Mabel.

The wheel on Ed's space heater broke last year, but now he's fixed it. I like it, but I kind of wish he'd replaced the other three wheels as well -- the new one is so cute!

Katie and Finn.

(I like this second one, because they are Both making such silly faces.)

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