Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Playmates for Finn!

Oh. I meant, my parents are back!

They got here on Wednesday, and we got together for dinner. It was So nice to see them again, and they are both looking well, and were in good spirits, especially considering the drive down from Maine and the wearisome prospect of settling back into their house. And today they joined us for midday dinner! Travis was off air-softing, but the rest of us enjoyed roast chicken, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin soup (an old recipe of Mom's, which I'd never tried before but which turned out fine except that neither Daddy nor I do well with honey. Must tinker with the recipe a bit, I'm afraid.) green beans w/walnuts, salad, and my wonderfully terrific pumpkin dessert. It was good.

And Finny adores my parents. Of course.

Katie took down my birthday balloons for Finn to play with.

It was a short lasting entertainment.

He hasn't figured out yet that you are supposed to wait to chew on slippers until the slipper-owner's feet are no longer in them. He likes my mom's slippers very much.

Here they are. Such a cute couple!

Finny thought they should stay. He offered them room in his crate, but they opted to go back home and get back to washing windows and disrupting spider webs.

And these were actually from earlier today, but I figured it was only respectful to let my parents lead the story.
Finny, after his first bath of the day. I was washing celery for the roast chicken, and he was Sure he wanted some. But it turns out that Finnys don't like celery.

Here he is, pressed up near the counter, trying his best to convey that he would very much like to eat the Other thing up there, that smells so very interesting. Poor little boy. I did give him some banana slices. And possibly a peanut butter cookie.

Don't worry, though. He will get some scraps of that roast chicken tonight, mixed in with his dinner, and all will be well!

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