Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day!

A lovely Christmas here. I hope your holiday has been wonderful as well!

My parents came over for a midday dinner and Bananagrams, and aside from that we've opened presents, played with games and toys, and nibbled on sweets. Oh, and taken the goofy dog for a walk at the park, where he indulged repeatedly in his game of "flounder" (This involves throwing himself down in the grass, beside the trail, and refusing to get up. He evidently finds it amusing to have me pull him along over the grass, bumpity bump, until I give up on any idea of discipline and bribe him with a treat to please get up and stop embarrassing me. He leaps up and goes along nicely for a little while, and then repeats the move.).

Finny's first Christmas was a Very "presenty" one. He will have high expectations next year!

A new drawing book!

Cool light-up gloves. They change colors!

Crepes. The new tradition.

Don't know how we've managed so long without a dippy bird, but Santa has now remedied this lack. I hadn't realized that the dippy bird is a Science Toy. Very educational. At least, that's what the packaging says!

Finny is Very grateful for the winged piggy Travis and Katie gave him! Kisses!

Katie wrapped this gift in many layers. Many, many, many layers. Funny girl!

Totally worth it, though. Now I have this excellent bracelet, which will protect me from demons! (It's a "Supernatural" thing.)

And an awesome Minions mouse pad!

Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Kim give cool gifts.

The ultimate coffee mug!

Carrot cake m&m's. Wow!

A dalek and Sauron!

Amazing chocolates from Darcy and Paul. We so enjoy their world travels!

And Darcy and Paul also gave Emma this awesome catnip toy. At least, I'm assuming it's catnip. She won't let it go, anyway!

My sweetie gave me Arthur, King of the Britons! So Sauron and the dalek will have to mend their ways!

Between Arthur and the Tenth Doctor, I think the Forces of Evil have met their match!

Oh my word. This kangaroo. It repeats everything it hears, but with a very odd accent. It is very funny (though it makes Finny a bit unhinged!).

Katie made this for her Granny. It came out nicely, don't you think?

Travis's gift from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Kim. So techy that I have No idea what it is (fortunately Travis is much cleverer than I am!).

And in case the bracelet isn't enough, I now have Supernatural socks! My feet will be toasty warm and demon-proof!

Finny is now Very keen on opening gifts. He got a lot of practice.

Happy pup, with a new hedgepig, alligator, and chew bone!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

adorable pictures. but i think carrot cake M&Ms sounds like a travesty. ;)

Eduardo Piero said...

Beautiful pics. Merry Xmas