Monday, January 25, 2016


We're still here!

And Finny is still cute. And he Loves snow. Leaps in it, skids in it, eats it. Brings it back in the house with him. He's a lively, happy little boy!

The rest of us are okay too, if not so energetic. 

Katie and I brought out the tunnel again today for Finn to play in. It had been a while, and he was doubtful at first, but it wasn't long before he was chasing racing through it again.

Emma still does not approve of Finn.

He knows her favorite chair and visits her every chance he gets. And she wallops him in the nose.

Eventually she despairs of his taking the "hint" and abandons her soft chair for the basement. Finny is timid about steps, and the basement steps are, so far, too terrifying for him to follow her down. Thank goodness for that, anyway!


Anonymous said...

Fun! looks like you are on your way to obedience trials... and the Finn and Emma photo series is fab.

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! He really is a pretty good boy, but he dearly loves getting the cats stirred up!