Monday, December 21, 2015

Feeling Festive

A bit behind again, but, as of last Sunday (as in, not yesterday), we have a tree. And as of this Sunday it is decorated! And there are presents and decorations and cookies and all the lovely things. And I bit my tongue in church again on Sunday when we didn't sing Advent hymns, and tried to think charitable thoughts and remember that next year we will (probably) have an Episcopal priest again. Because I'm not one to get all hung up on tradition or anything. Plus, we did have my favorite substitute pianist filling in.

So, here we are getting our tree. The kind friend from our church who has given us our tree for the last many years gave us one again this year. He is getting out the the tree business, and this year we chose one from a more distant part of the property, and the tree was a not-so-salable one that was in the center of a clump of big trees, so that its bottom section was not very full. The top section of the tree, though, was perfectly nice, though the split trunk did, later, cause a few challenges. Still, it's turned out to be a really lovely tree.

Travis got to drive the cart with the chain saw and other tree equipment.

Here they are, eyeing up the tree.

North Carolina Christmas Tree Massacre. Although the actual massacre took place later, at home. The tree wound up very thoroughly trimmed before it fit properly in its stand.

We remembered to attend the parade in town this year. And it wasn't raining! It is, like the Fourth of July parade, a long one. And heavy on emergency vehicles. But there were floats and marching bands and horses. And men riding on itty bitty semi-trucks. I got a kick out of those!

Here is the tree. Katie did most of the decorating this year, and I think she did a very nice job.

We were given a new Christmas book this year -- Christmas is Good: Trixie's Guide to a Happy Holiday (written by Dean Koontz's dog, Trixie), and at the end it has a recipe for Peanut Butter puppy treats. Finn didn't even let me finish the book before I had to try the recipe. And they are Good. Or, at least Finn says they are! And the poor lamb needed a treat tonight, as it turned out. A rotten little beagle, whose owner lets him run loose, bit Finny on the nose tonight when we were over at the park walking. So in the picture you might be able to see that he has Neosporin on his poor little nose. I think he'll be okay, but we are feeling very unfriendly towards that beagle.

Finn, waiting impatiently for his cookies to come out of the oven.

Once they come out, Finny does not want to wait for them to cool! Good, good cookies!

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