Friday, December 11, 2015

Poked My Head Out. No Shadow, but it's December!

Well, that's a fine howdya do. I go into semi-hibernation for a bit, just to keep warm (not that I'm going to start on about the cold -- don't worry!), and when I stick my head out again it is mid-December and there are colored lights all over the place! This year is zipping along way too fast.

Still, today we had lovely weather. Not cold. Hooray! Mom and Dad walked over. Tomorrow they are going to pick me up for a walk before we all (meaning, also Ed and the kids, who are not inclined to morning walks) meet up at the library for a showing of  "And Then There Were None." (We read it for the library book club last month, so this month we are taking the slacker approach and just watching a movie. Probably a necessary concession to those whose schedules are packed with holiday merry-making activities. And next month we have Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone, which seems satisfactorily hefty.)

Speaking of merry-making, we actually have done a bit. Much cookie and candy making. Some shopping (mostly on Amazon, thanks be!). And last weekend we went to the Community Christmas Concert, which was, as always, wonderful, and an outdoor pageant at the church of the kids' piano teacher, and a Christmas craft show. It was very festive.

Finny loves Harry so much. I'm afraid that Harry is, increasingly, finding Finn to be a pain in the neck. Literally.

An action shot. Finn still does not care to retrieve balls. Sticks, though, he will sometimes chase. But not reliably. Good thing he is so pretty and cuddlesome, because as a retriever he is a flop.

He did Not like posing for the Christmas picture. Not even though it meant a cool hat and quite a few puppy treats.

It's sometimes a burden, being so adorable!

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