Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mouser in Training

The mouse/mice does not yet have cause for concern, but Olivia says she's "working on it." Researching mouse hunting strategies. Then sleeping on it. Lots of sleeping on it.

She has defeated the evil roll of toilet paper, though. That problem is fully solved. Whew!

Finn, though, is off his feed. Depressed by our refusal to let him "play" with the new kitten. (The new kitten shows a dramatic disinclination to play with him, and we are hoping that if we give her a little time she will warm to him.) Anyway. We got a wading pool yesterday, in the hope that a good splash would lift his spirits. And I think it did raise them a bit!

Harry thinks we've gotten him the world's biggest water bowl!

Finn was very skeptical at first.

The kids had to use a combination of treats and force to introduce him to the joys of swimming. Further proof, as if the lack of retrieving interest wasn't enough, that he's a bit of a hoax as a "golden retriever." All flash and no substance, as it were. Fortunately he's sweet and decorative, and also we don't actually need a dog to retrieve ducks we don't shoot. Still, it's kind of embarrassing.

Once he got the idea, though, he was okay with the pool, and very enthusiastic about running around like a lunatic and leaping up to catch sprayed water.

Now that's the puppy smile I love!

Olivia spent some time on my desk today. She defeated my camera strap. She says it is all part of her master plan to destroy the mouse. I defer to her expert knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Adorable kitten pictures! Poor Finn. Our lab won't play in the pool either, but she will step into it to retrieve balls. :)

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! Well, I'm glad Finn isn't the only "water dog" who doesn't care for water! The goldens of my youth sprang into pools at every opportunity, so I was Sure Finny would be a fan. And he doesn't care about balls, either. Fortunately he finds water sprays really exciting, so that's a start, and maybe over the summer the pool will grow on him!

Susan B said...

Oh my gosh. Olivia is so darn cute!! And I love her name. And Finn is still so handsome. Rhys loves his pool; he only plops into it after a good chuck it run though.