Friday, May 13, 2016

Our New Little Mouser!

Travis has had this Hershey kiss "mouse" for years. Yes, he's the sort who can keep chocolates beside his desk and never eat them. But a mouse, or maybe several mice, have moved in recently and one of them discovered and ate part of his chocolate cousin. We've been unsuccessful in trapping him -- apparently the Havahart trap we have is meant for something more ratlike in size. Anyway, Ed was reminded that we were going to look for a kitten, and so we did.

Meet Olivia! Finding a female kitten was harder than we expected -- they are not thick on the ground in our area just now -- but we finally found the perfect (we hope!) little girl at a shelter in Winston. The Forsyth Humane Society, and I can't recommend them enough! Incredibly nice people, and the shelter is clean (Ed stopped by another place on Tuesday which, he says, reeked.) and well run. A woman called me on Wednesday to tell me our application (you have to apply for these cats, and have your vet vouch for you!) was approved, and to ask me which kitten I would like. And she put my choice on hold for us! How cool is that? Olivia had been staying with a foster family, but she was coming in anyway on Thursday to be spayed, so we made an appointment to come in and adopt her today, Friday.

And she's just darling. Two months old, and a Siamese mix. You'd think the operation might have slowed her down, but she's playful and sweet as all get out! (Unless the surgery did slow her down and she's going to be a maniac when she recovers.... But how likely is that?)

She is very snuggly.

Finn is very eager to meet her, but the feeling does not seem to be mutual. Yet. I imagine that in a few days they will start to get used to each other and will become great friends. Cross your fingers!

Tonight she sat on the couch with us while we watched "Danny Deckchair," a fine movie which my dad recommended. She is sure we plan to party on all night, but I am leaving her in Katie's capable hands (Katie has hardly left her side since she came home) and going to bed. I hope the mice are taking notice of our fearsome new mouser and planning a immediate move to safer quarters!

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