Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Absent Minded Blogger Returns

Whoops. Stepped out for a cup of coffee in March, and...

Anyway, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and the blog goes on!

This hasn't been the most stellar of school years. The least stellar, actually. Math and Latin sucked up too much time and provided little delight, leaving not enough time to thoroughly enjoy the fun stuff.  And, sadly, we'll be continuing through the summer to get math and Other Things finished so that Katie can start at the high school next year and Travis can take most of his senior year classes at the community college. That's the plan, anyway. Still, the kids are healthy, and Ed, as always, is a paragon of all the husbandly virtues, so I shouldn't complain. Or sink into the Slough of Despond  and neglect my poor old blog.

However, if I did slip into the slough, at least my faithful Finny would pull me out  join me! He continues to be a joy, if still astonishingly toothy.

And my irises and peonies are blooming! Only because Ed provided them with a fence to protect them from Finn, who kept pulling them up and eating them. But now Harry has a new place to Escape from Finn! Here you see him hiding, waiting for Finn to go away.

And Finn, waiting very happily. He knows his kitty will come out and play with him sooner or later.

Finn and Travis.

Finn says deck chairs are not ideally suited to dog anatomy, but he makes do.

My parents came over for our last supper before they head back to Maine tomorrow. I will brag and tell you that I did a very fine dinner. Well, except the turkey. Ed did that, and it was very good. But I did lovely sweet potato pudding, beans, mushrooms, stuffing, dark rye bread (or pumpernickel?), and a really nice orange cake (lots of Myers rum -- yummy!). It all turned out well, and we had a good evening, and I won the last round of Bananagrams. Which is unusual!

Have I mentioned how Finny feels about my parents? Especially my dad?

(Here Ed is holding Finny so that my poor mom can put on her shoes. Finn may be down, but he's still smiling!)

Finn, giving Daddy a goodbye kiss! I'm sure he'll be So well behaved when they get back in October that they'll hardly believe he's the same pup, but he'll be very glad to see them. Dogs are good that way.


Anonymous said...

Orange cake sounds delicious. And look at Finny--so fluffy and enduring. He's grown! Welcome back.

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! I've tasted the glaze, anyway, and it is excellent. And Finny is getting to be Such a fine companion -- he is a joy.

Susan B said...

I love that picture of you and Finn on the couch! Dogs are the best.