Saturday, June 11, 2016

Signs of Detente

Olivia is becoming more tolerant of Finn's presence. 

Even when we put up the baby gate (to confine Finny to the back room, in order to limit the household items he steals and devours), Olivia leaps over to the Finn side. And when he is in his crate she likes to stand right near the crate. I don't know if she is taunting him or sympathizing. At any rate, he continues to adore her.

Otherwise things are much as usual around here, except that it has been beautiful out, and sometimes even  warm enough.

Olivia still likes Katie's book shelf.

And Katie's chair. Actually, everyone's chairs.

Here she's helping Travis. Actually, she's sitting on his literature discussion notes. As you can see, he doesn't care. Though, after having to go back and reread Conrad's Heart of Darkness, he did sort of enjoy it.

She condescends to be carried sometimes, and lolls like Cleopatra on her barge.

But when I was feeling peaky the other day she sweetly kept me company.

She claims the greater part of my desk chair.

And she has Ed wrapped around her little paw.

Finn has completely gotten over his hesitation about the pool!

 (Okay, some days are warm enough to skip the sweatshirt. Other days still call for one, plus fluffy socks. Still, it's only early June!)

I just Love the way his jowls bag out when he's peering into the water. He likes to dive for carrot pieces. Well, anything, really.

All he needs now is a snorkel!

There! No sweatshirt!

The noble face! (Actually, that is his expression when he is scanning for "grabbables." He is still a shameless thief, I'm afraid.

But the hedgepig is his. It squeaks, and he loves it, though he treats it badly.

Blurry, as I took it through the window, but he's brought his two favorite shrub pots into the pool. Big plastic pots, and he loves to fling them up in the air. And also, apparently, into the water. Goofy pup.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! Love the 'cat' shelf. Finny is so cute in his pool enthusiasm--I've had dogs who will wade or bob for toys but never really embrace it.

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! So far his passion for diving is his only "proper golden retriever" trait. Well, and he likes to stalk the robins, but I don't think that's what's meant by "bird dog."

Janie said...

So glad to hear the update on the furries! And that Olivia and the shelf! You should frame one of those for Katie; she'll love it in years to come. I love that third one! And those stripes (in the pic with Ed)! I had not seen those in any of the other pictures -- so unusual because they are so faint. Beautiful! You've got a real sideshow going on with Finny and the pool -- Love it!