Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Summer! Finally!

Not that the kids are finished with school, but they do seem to be headed that way. And it is absolutely beautiful. Finn and I have been enjoying lovely walks every evening and I'm finally reading in my deck chair again. 

Also, Olivia, in a tutu. Pretty cute, eh?

And Harry has packed on quite a few pounds over the last few weeks. He's looking much less scraggy. I wish Olivia would adopt his tolerant, forgiving attitude towards Finn, because he really does find her utterly fascinating.

The kids had their piano recital. Both acquitted themselves respectably.

Afterwards we celebrated with a trip to the pirate restaurant. It was very good.

And... Olivia.

Practicing making scary faces. She's getting pretty good.

She  has had some viscous looking claws. Thursday we took her to the vet's for booster shots, and the veterinary technician kindly showed us how to to clip her nails.

Doesn't Finny look tragic? He wants so badly to give her a good thorough mouthing, and she is completely opposed to the idea. It really does make him woeful.

Where's Olivia?

Did you find her? She likes lurking behind the books. Fortunately, the books on her favorite shelf are Katie's, not mine!

And another of Finn, thinking wistful thoughts about that sweet kitten he'd like so much to play with. He has no idea that she is only about three feet away, in Travis's paper organizer.


clsiewert said...

Love the hidden kitty. Poor Finn!

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! He's been a bit of a "thuggish teen" lately, but he still has many sweet moments,and he really does just want to lavish love (in a soggy way) on Olivia.