Tuesday, July 05, 2016


My boy is eighteen today. I've been dreading this day, but now.... it's okay. I miss the little boy something wicked -- the way he thought I was so amazing and could make Everything right for him, and the way he engaged so joyfully in his enthusiasms. The way his hopes weren't shadowed by a trace of skepticism. He's smart and funny, loving and thoughtful -- when he is in the mood to chat (not that that happens anything like often enough!) you couldn't ask for better company. But watching the outsized dreams of a child become the more realistic outlook of a young man... Well, I guess once that eleventh birthday rolls around and no Hogwarts owl shows up, dreams begin to get adjusted and there's no returning to the garden. Or something like that. Anyway, he's eighteen now, and I wouldn't trade him for all the world. But...

a few little boy pictures before we move on to today!

My word but he was a sweet little thing.

But, wait... Look at that! He's Still the cutest thing since sliced bread!

Opening a gift from Katie....

A Hershey bar! Is there anything nicer?

Ed picked him out these magnificent flip flops. And they Fit!

I love these ridiculous kids so much.

Here he is with the Big Gift. A DJ controller. He put on a marvelous show of being utterly clueless and enjoyed his "surprise" thoroughly!

He is So my kid! Reading the Directions! Ed wouldn't do that in a million years.

As a rather magnificent concession to Ed's wishes, Travis agreed to spend a chunk of today at the DMV, getting his driver's license. Ed had checked into it, and apparently one's eighteenth birthday is the day one can get a license without the need to pay any extra fees or take any extra tests (aside from the driving test). But first we got ice cream for lunch. We had planned to go to the new place, but when we got there they were closed, with a sign saying they were Out of Ice Cream. So we went to the Speedy Chef, and it was fine.

There was a goodly wait at the DMV, but the kids were .... lively, pointing out the humor in the educational signs and posters (there was one particularly hilarious one of an unfortunate person embracing "Johnny," which may have been intended to illustrate the effects of demon drink, but there were several other interpretations suggested, and another poster they liked featured Uncle Sam in the custody of some state troopers -- I can't remember what the point of that one was, but somehow it was very amusing). Anyway, when they'd exhausted the possibilities of the posters, Travis practiced his driving while seated. By this point the waiting room was completely full, and Travis's steering, braking, shifting, and near collisions (imagined, of course) garnered us some startled (and amused) looks from our fellow aspiring drivers and their companions. Ed kept raising his eyebrows at me, so I followed my normal parenting protocol, fleeing the scene to sit outside with my book. Soon after, mercifully, the lucky examiner assigned to Travis took him out for his drive and, very pragmatically, passed him (allowing a three point turn, which he had to explain, to substitute for parallel parking).

For dinner I made Travis's request -- pesto pasta -- and Katie decorated the cake. (I made waffles and bacon for breakfast. Which reminds me, if you happen to own the 13th edition of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook and decide that maybe you should make the Raised Waffles, on page 556, which the author says are "the best waffles I know," Don't. They are revolting, and I had to dump the batter and the waffles and start over and make the Waffles (pg 555), which the author doesn't give any special label to, but which are reliable and excellent and have yet to fail me. So much for trying "special" new recipes on birthdays! Not that I was annoyed.)

It was a good day.
And here is Livy, coveting her brother's toys. Which is only fair, as he covets her jingle balls and squeaky mouse, and steals them every chance he gets.

And one last old picture, just because it makes me smile!


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! The DMV sounds hysterical!

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! And, yeah, sometimes he's pretty darned funny.