Monday, July 11, 2016

A Quiet House

Yesterday we dropped Katie off for her week at camp. And unlike some people, she opted to stay once we got her there. Made herself a name tag, put her sheets on her bed, and wished us a safe trip home (and, bless her, reminded Ed to stop at the Sweet Frog on the way home and get frozen yogurt sundaes for dinner!). 

  (She was good humored about her embarrassing old parents, but those raised eyebrows tell the real story. Sometimes it's hard to be fourteen.)

And look at who is taller here -- me! I was pretty pleased about it until Katie pointed out that she'd taken off her shoes.

So now the house is very quiet for a week. Travis is not one to speak without dire necessity, and even Finn and Livy seem subdued. Actually, that part is lovely. Finny's one year birthday is next week (the 17th) and he is planning to be all done with his puppy nonsense by then and is practicing being a sedate adult dog. Hey, I can dream!

(I love Livy's lean in these pictures!)

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