Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Holiday!

We went away to a place and ate food I didn't prepare and were all kinds of jolly! A holiday! Just two nights (and we had to rush back home this morning, right after breakfast, because Ed missed his little Olivia too much), but that's more than we managed last summer, so we're feeling pretty good.

We went to Carowinds, which is just south of Charlotte, on the North Carolina-South Carolina border, and which has roller coasters and water rides. The kids got such a kick out of the roller coasters when we went to Universal/Islands of Adventure a few years ago that we thought this might be something they'd like (Ed and I don't actually do roller coasters,but Travis turned down the beach and all our other ideas, and we decided that sitting together, holding hands, watching our darlings ride roller coasters together, would be delightful. And really it mostly was!). We couldn't have asked for bluer skies, and even the brutal heat had a silver lining, in that the park, keen to keep its patrons from dropping dead of heat stroke, kept broadcasting reminders for everyone to keep hydrated and gave out free cups of water at all their concession stands. That really was lovely, as I couldn't have carried enough water for us in my pack, and that wouldn't have been icy cold, like the stuff they gave out, anyway!

I was particularly pleased that they had a Rita's Italian Ice place, because...

 Travis particularly liked their cherry ice when he was a baby (the photo is of his first taste of the stuff, but we used to go fairly often when the kids were little in Florida). He still likes it.

We went to Publix!!!!!! Joy! I got sushi and ate the entire box (well, I think Ed got two pieces), including the wasabi stuff, and suffered no ill effects at all! And, gosh, it was good. And they had a British chocolate section where I got a chocolate orange bar, and Katie got me two Turkish delight bars (the Aero's not mine, but I had some anyway. It is also excellent.). Other people got things at the bakery, but I was busy with my sushi and my chocolate and didn't notice what.

Katie looks a wee bit grouchy here, but she Was having fun! Really!

TWO dinners out! That is Two dinners I didn't make. Awesome vacation right there!

We had to hurry home right after breakfast this morning because Ed couldn't wait to spring his girl from "kitty camp" (Finny and Olivia boarded at the vet's, where the staff are Wonderfully attentive and gave them lots of attention -- both were in good spirits when they got out. But Ed missed his little girl!).

So, it was wonderful to get away and spend time together, without screens (or, to be fair, books!), but it's nice to be back home too. Actually, Katie took a nap, nursed her sunburn (the sunscreen we brought, which the kids reapplied faithfully, failed them both), and then went off for a library "lock-in." I expect she'll be Very tired when I pick her up at eight tomorrow morning!

(Can you see Livy in the picture above? She's on the far right, saying "Finny! Come down and play!")


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! So kitty and Finny are friends now?

Melora said...

It was, Carol! And they Are! Such a relief, as there were moments where I doubted it would happen. Finny still steps on her sometimes, or noses her too hard and makes her squeak, but she hangs out wherever he is, and they have a good time together. Very satisfactory!

Susan B said...

How fun! And Publix is wonderful, isn't it?

Melora said...

It is the best grocery store Ever, Susan! One of the things I miss most from Florida, but they are slowly infiltrating NC, and Someday maybe I will have one nearby again!