Sunday, July 17, 2016

Finny's First Birthday!

Our sweet Finny-boy is one year old today! And still all puppy, but that's okay. 

Katie had wanted me to make him a special cake, but I'm a slacker dog-mom so he just got a birthday sundae. Travis helped me come up with the toppings -- frozen banana chunks, hot dog, crumbled peanut butter cookie, all on vanilla ice cream (Pet brand, of course!). 

Finny was Very pleased with his treat. Ed, watching him devour it, asked "Do you think he'll keep it down?" Travis responded, "Well, if he doesn't  he can just eat it again!" And, yeah. He'd do that in a heartbeat. Dogs! (Fortunately he seems to be handling it just fine. All the excitement wore him out for a few minutes, but now he's recovered and I just had to remind him to chew on his bone, not the wheel of my chair. His digestion is one of his real strengths, which is fortunate given his inability to discern which things are actually food.)

A squeaky hippo which Katie picked for him. He loves it.

The Kong squeaky ball is another hit. He and Olivia have been chasing the ball this afternoon.

And a "fake antler," by Nylabone. He seems to like it.

And a new "adult" Kong! Just in time, as his pink puppy Kong has started to look a bit worn.

A pack of rawhide "Oinkies."

So, a foolish number of toys, but... baby's first birthday and all. And he does seem to like them all!

In other news...

Obviously (since she's in today's pictures), we picked Katie up at camp! That was yesterday. She had a wonderful time but picked up some sort of a bug toward the end of her week. But she's told us about a lot of fun stuff, and she enjoyed her fellow campers, so it was good, overall. And we're glad to have her back!

And Livy is feeling neglected, what with not being the birthday girl, so I promised she could have some blog-attention too. Isn't she a cutie?

But wait... one more Finn picture -- the day we brought him home!

Okay, two.


Anonymous said...

Took me a minute to work out what I was seeing on the Livy-Finn pictures. Such a cutie, playing with his tail. Happy Bday, Finn. All my dogs seemed to settle down with chewing inappropriate things more after 12 to 18 months. But they continue to destroy their toys!

Melora said...

Thanks, Carol! Yeah, that picture probably should have come with an explanation. She is Such a hoot! She dashes after him, jumps at him, and just generally acts like a pesky little sister, but let him mouth her a little harder than she likes and she squawks! Finn does seem to be doing Better, but he's still got a good way to go. He likes to put his Nylabone beside my chair wheel and chew on his bone, virtuously, for a while, and then quietly transition to the chair. Crafty boy.