Sunday, September 18, 2016

But... the Weekend?

Somehow I'd pictured having the kids in school as being more restful than it's been so far. Not that I'm complaining, exactly. I'm thrilled that Katie is having a good time with her dance classes and with programs at the library, and I know we're lucky to have found a new piano teacher. But... the driving is cutting into my reading time more than I'd imagined! Still, it's going far better than I'd dared to hope, and I did get a couple books in last week (here you see me caught in the act of allowing Finn to play lap dog). 

I read "H is for Hawk" the second time this week, this time for the library book group I'm leading. I enjoyed the book even more on the second reading, but my book group meeting was a flop. I was all prepared with discussion questions and all, had baked cookies, and even made it to the library with fifteen minutes to spare. One person came. A woman who had not liked the book and did not want to discuss it at all. So I got in my two cents about what a good book it is, regardless of her opinion, and we talked about other stuff for an hour. I would give up on the thing, but the librarian has already published flyers with the books and times for October and November, so I'll just hope for better attendance in the future. Could happen!

Finn is getting used to having the kids off during the day, but when they get home he's all ready to play!

(Pardon the messy shelves. I am working on them.)

(Finny after a bath!)

And I've been having lots of fun with my pressure cooker! It makes a fabulous lemon curd, and it is just as easy as all get out!

And I made Ed an adorable (6 inch wide, but it's actually not mini, because it is deep) vegi quiche in the cooker. He said it was amazing. Amazingly good, for you cynics out there.

These were not made in the pressure cooker. Pecan tassies -- a small batch -- and there was left over pie filling so I made a grain free crust for my own personal (6 inch) pie. Bliss.

A pressure cooker cheesecake. 7 inches of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. Heavens but it was tasty! (Ed actually has a piece left, hidden away in the freezer, because he likes frozen cheesecake. It actually is quite wonderful that way.)

(I cut into it the first day, when it was good, but it was better the second day. Mellower.

Notice Livy's glamorous artificial nails! She does Not like them. Katie puts them on, and Livy immediately begins pulling them off. We trim her nails faithfully, but she still is a bit inclined to scratch furniture and we are working on discouraging her.

Some of the lemon curd went into this darling little trifle! I still have plenty left over for the lemon tart I plan to make with a grain free crust. Tomorrow?

And I made an adorable little (5 inch) raspberry cheesecake, but it doesn't have its decorations on yet (I'm planning a thin raspberry glaze, with a bit of melted chocolate drizzled on) and it's shy about appearing half dressed. I'll try to post a picture of it next time, though!

As a last note, our new priest(ess) is doing very nicely indeed. We're still adjusting to her higher pitched voice and enthusiastic style of presentation, but I think she's going to be just fine. Today's Gospel reading was a doozy -- Luke 16: 1-13 -- and she didn't dodge it, but actually came out with something pretty good. She said it was okay if your reasons for forgiving people were maybe not so honorable, just as long as you forgive. Ed remembered some other sermons on the same reading that focused on how the people getting their debts reduced benefited (I may not have that quite right, but frankly I was stunned that Ed could remember a sermon from three years back -- sometimes he really dazzles me!), but I liked what Mother Stephanie (testing this. pretty sure it doesn't work for me) did with it. It makes me think of Pascal's Wager, but it's even better if Jesus is the one suggesting that our motivation isn't as important as what we do.


The Foil Hat said...

First - I love that picture of you! It's perfect and should be in a frame somewhere in your house. Second, your food pictures are killing me - I'm going to have to get one of those things. Third, I'm sorry about the reading group and the poor attendance. I would love to have a good group here to talk about books (beyond movie-of-the-week type books). If I were closer, I would totally be at your library, eating cookies and talking books. I hope things pick up.

Anonymous said...

Well, that book group sounds like a disappointment--so nice there are online ones instead ;) Love the pictures!

Melora said...

Thank you, Amy! Life is pretty great when you get to spend a couple hours snuggled up with a good book and a... cuddly dog. And I Wish that you were closer and could come discuss books! I don't think it's Me, because the librarian said hardly anyone came to either of her other two book groups either. I just don't get it. But maybe October will be a readier month!

Melora said...

It really Was, Carol. And my first thought afterwards was "Thank goodness for Goodreads!"