Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pumpkinfest! (and cars!)

We had beautiful weather today for Pumpkinfest (otherwise known as the Yadkin Valley Pumpkin Festival, 20th Annual, I believe), and the pumpkins were in fine form this year! 

As impressive as the great pumpkins (and watermelons) were, we spent even more time admiring the old cars. Ed is keen on cars, and the kids were feeling indulgent.

This one was Katie's favorite. I think it looks like Milo's car, from The Phantom Tollbooth.

We didn't make it to the library book sale (I volunteered sorting books for several hours on Thursday, and I did see a few alluring books, but Ed really wore himself out this week sorting out issues with the water heater, which expired unexpectedly, and subsequent plumbing necessities, so dragging him through a book sale seemed unkind.), but we did see various crafty booths and enjoyed the people watching. Cute babies, well behaved dogs, and a leprechaun.

Having just finished My Southern Journey, by Rick Bragg, I was inspired tonight to pull out my cast iron skillet and fry some chicken, and venture into new territory by making hush puppies. The chicken turned out beautifully, though a certain non-responsiveness on the part of our smoke detectors suggests that it's time to test batteries. The hush puppies were a bit less successful. The first two batches fell victim to neglect while I debated with Travis over whether or not the chicken needed to be cut into small pieces before being cooked, but the last batch came out beautifully. Livy really, really wanted to try the chicken.

And there have been some more desserts! This is the raspberry cheesecake. It was delightful -- Travis says it is the best so far. I think it might be my birthday cheesecake.

And this is a pumpkin bourbon cheesecake. I thought it was a little on the bland side, but Ed and Travis liked it fine. And Not pictured is the chocolate cappuccino cheesecake we ate most of tonight, which, I believe, rivals the raspberry cheesecake (as with the others, I adjusted the recipe to make it grain and dairy free). The lovely people in the produce department at Ingles have promised to keep stocking Go Veggie Cream Cheese, so I feel a certain obligation to keep up my consumption of the stuff!

And Finny didn't forget to dress up again this year for Talk Like a Pirate Day! Well, actually, his "aargh" was more despairing than ferocious, but we put on his hat and made him pose anyway! Maybe next year the hat will fit Livy, and she can be our pirate.

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