Sunday, April 30, 2017

So Long April and Cold Weather!

I hope I'm not dooming us to more cold, but... it looks as though winter is finally past! I have lovely warm weather for outdoor reading, and for walking my Finn in shorts and a t-shirt, rather than a hooded parka! Life is good.

And my excellent Uncle Dave visited early this last week! Katie is still pouting because he stopped by while she was at school and she missed him, but Ed and I enjoyed his company, anyway.

And my irises are blooming wonderfully this year! The peonies weren't out when I took these pictures, but they're starting now, and they are looking good this year too.

And here's my dear pup, all grass-stained and a bit muddy.

 See the mud stains on the head and nose? But now that it's getting warm I'll be able to bathe him and make him smell like strawberries! Well, strawberries mixed with wet dog, but that's an improvement over unwashed dog.

And Livy! A bit cross-eyed, but the sweetest cat Ever. And smart, or so Ed insists (she's So "his" girl!)!

 Finn's mine. When I come home, even from the mailbox, he's just thrilled to see me. He's got me wrapped around his paw.

Here's a video of Finn and his mechanical hedgepig. If you turn the sound on you'll see why Finn is so attracted to the thing! Before I figured out how to work the movie feature on my phone he was Really going to town, tossing the hedgepig all around the room. (We normally hide it from him, because, left unsupervised, he'd crunch it to bits and eat it, but this time Livy found it and tossed it down to him. Which is one of the things she does, and the reason we never have pencils and all the gloves are missing a finger. She is naughty, but Ed says she just gets bored because she's so Smart.)


Anonymous said...

So weird to hear that you have blooming irises and peonies getting ready. We're still in the tulips and bleeding heart stage. I want warm weather! Livy is so naughty--I think she must be trying to get Finn in trouble by tossing off pencils and toys :)

Melora said...

My parents are headed up to Maine in a week, and he will have gotten all the spring and early summer flowers here, and then start over with spring flowers in Maine! My peonies are out now too, and Gorgeous, but Finn thinks the little "bud balls" are delicious!
Livy throws him pencils, papers, gloves, etc. She Looks sweet, but I'm afraid she's extremely wicked.