Friday, January 20, 2006

Cheap Shots and Trick Photography

Busy day so far, but I'm finally sitting down with a nice cup of tea and my nice computer. Inspections all morning, then cleaned, then took Bo and the kids to the vet. Bo got a check-up and a three year rabies vaccination for $20. Is that a great deal or what? Ed says I was supposed to get him some kennel vaccinations too, but I'm still happy. At those rates, Bo can have as many shots as he wants! (And I might start taking Ed there too.)

When we got home from the vet's, the photographer from the real estate place was just finishing up taking his pictures. He took "movie tours" from four different locations in the house and yard, plus all new still pictures. He loaded the pictures onto his cute little laptop so we could see them right away, and they are pretty nice. He took the still pictures from "on high," by lifting the tripod way up, but Ed says the effect is good. The movie pictures make the house look enormous, almost cathedral-like! My little tiny master bathroom looks amazingly spacious. He says he is going to edit the pictures and movies before putting them online, I'm not sure why. I packed up more boxes of books last night, and the house looks quite tidy, but sort of naked.


Dy said...

Oh, it's a darling house! I am praying it sells quickly.

Sarah said...

Oh--your house looks adorable!