Saturday, January 21, 2006

More Fun With Realtors

A moderately productive day. We had a fellow in to fix two places in the carpet this morning. The carpet looks better now, and the guy admired my books. (Kind of like when someone says the kids are cute -- an easy compliment, but gives me the "warm fuzzies" anyway.)

The real estate guy in charge of arranging the closing (as if!), and also in charge of setting us up with a realtor when we decide to spend Even More money and actually Sell the house came by today. Turns out that the woman who came last Friday to sell us on The Program wasn't really a realtor at all and, according to today's guy, wasn't supposed to suggest a price. Ha ha! Easy for him to say. Just for good measure, though, he had us sign Another paper agreeing to pay The Company 1% more if we can't convince our theoretical buyers to use The Company's Title Branch. Aack.

T. and K. played with Hana, from next door, today, and all played nicely together. No tears from anyone til it was time for my kids to come home, at which point Hana became distraught. I guess that is a good sign? They made plans to play again tomorrow, which would give me guilt-free time to get some more reports done, and maybe a bit of packing.

The picture is of K. doing the Twist. No, it doesn't relate in any way to today's entry (and was actually taken Thursday), but it is much cuter than a picture of the realtor, don't you think?

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Dy said...

She's adorable! Definitely better than a picture of the real estate guy.

Had to smile at the books compliment - I'm the same way. Come. Admire my kids, my books, or my cooking, and I'll be a happy woman. :-)