Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Betrayed by the Goddesses of the Kraft Kitchens

I've heard that it is risky to allow one's children to "cruise" the internet. There is no telling what dreadful information or graphic images they might encounter. Well, T. found a site offering "forbidden fruit," and he is hooked, and now I'm in trouble. Our downfall is the Kraft Foods "Cooking School." T. has been watching their videos demonstrating such arcane procedures as "cooking pasta" and meatloaf basics." "They look so elegant," he says. "Everything looks so perfect," he says. No kidding! The goddesses in the Kraft kitchens have an enormous, beautiful kitchen with limitless storage space, perfect manicures, professionally styled hair and make-up, and spotlessly clean aprons. They have all their ingredients ready to go, and no small children "helping" or hopeful dogs getting underfoot. I can make a fine meatloaf, but I'm just not going to look elegant while doing it, no matter how many times he makes me watch that video.

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Dy said...

I think that may be why we eat so much Mexican food... we have the boys convinced it's not supposed to be pretty.

What a dangerous site!! Thanks for the heads up! ;-) *grin*