Monday, January 09, 2006

A Land Without Bookstores?

Worked all day, accomplishing nothing but earning some money. Business seems to be picking up, and all I want to do is try to get my own mess of a house in order, so I can sell and get out of here.

Someone from the WTM board who lives in the area we are considering was kind enough to give me her e-mail address and offer to answer my questions about her part of the country. Sounds quite nice in many ways, although she confirmed the rumor I had heard about the local economy having gone to pot. She happened to mention that they did Not have a super Wal-mart, and I replied that that was okay with me, that the only kind of shopping I really enjoy is in bookstores. She responded that they actually have NO bookstores in the area. I double-checked -- none? as in "not any?" Yup. She said she's not sure why, but there are no bookstores in the three towns we are discussing. How is that possible? I am now weighing the value of natural beauty and affordable housing v.s. no bookstores. (And, what does that say about the local population?)

The picture is of K. and her Paba enjoying a book together.


Sarah said...

No Bookstores?!?!

Is that legal?

Dy said...

Not even a used bookstore? A coffeehouse that sells books? Is there a newspaperstand - sometimes those sell books.

*quivvering with anxiety over that one*

Wait! UPS delivers to those towns, right? So you could, technically, still *get* books... right?? ;-)