Thursday, February 02, 2006

Give or Take $50,000

I've been working on the same report all day. It's a good sized house in a community with an airstrip, and there are No good comparables. Actually, I've got a ballpark idea of what it's worth, within a range of about $100,000, but that's a big range. I'd really just like to type "undecided" in the blank where my opinion of market value is supposed to go, but I expect they might ask for their money back, and I want their money. Fortunately, the boss is married to an airplane guy, so she'll enlighten me in the morning.

Ed and the kids just came back from gymnastics. T. didn't have any time-outs or push-ups today, which has never happened in this class. T. hasn't yet caught on to keeping an eye on the teacher and only goofing around when the teacher isn't looking, so he is always the kid who gets in trouble. He says he was just good today (but with that grin that makes his mommy skeptical). Ed says it's the new haircut, and that, now that he looks more respectable, the teacher isn't "picking" on him. K., as always, was good:)


Marcella said...

Hi! Just peeking in at your blog! Lovely pics of your daughter. I hope my daughter and I will make such a great team when she's older.I'm just starting on the Great Journey of girl-raising so am dreaming and wondering much! Marcella

Dy said...

*snicker* That's cute. The haircut probably did it. ;-)

What a wonderful day for you all! How did you get into doing appraisals? And would you come do the Forever Home when we've finished the renovations? OK, I'm just trying to get you out here for coffee and a visit! But that would be fun! :-)

Have a fantastic day!