Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Really Good Day

Lots of excitement today!

We had a very interesting tour of the Outback Steakhouse with the homeschool book group this morning. A group of pleasant young Outback employees showed us all around the restaurant, telling us about Australia, showing us through the kitchens, and demonstrating how items like "blooming onions" are prepared (which is, with lots of grease and breading). After the tour, they treated us to a tasty lunch of fried chicken and French fries. The only thing they didn't explain was what, aside from the decor and the oft repeated phrase "G'day, Mate," made the steakhouse "Australian."

We stopped by the library, and then back home, where Ed informed us that he had showed the house to a woman who really liked it! I'm trying not to get too worked up about it, but she did call back this afternoon to ask if she could come back tomorrow with her dad, and have another look. She has a four year old son, and was interested to hear that our neighborhood has quite a few kids, so maybe...

The next happy event was that my wonderful parents arrived, visiting from Maine. The kids have hardly given them a moments peace since they walked in the door, and we are just thrilled to have them here!

The picture shows K. and her Paba playing "Barbies and Dragons."

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Suburban Turmoil said...

Great day! I'm impressed that Outback did a tour for kids. That's pretty cool. I guess they see it as the next generation of Awesome Blossom lovers! :)