Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy Presidents' Day

Today was a very nice day.

Did a couple, easy inspections (houses I've inspected before & didn't have to measure) in the morning, had lunch, then did school with my angelic little boy. Actually, Ed did spelling with him, as well as the usual math and piano, so all I had was to remind him to do his independent reading, and then grammar, Bible study, and history. I decided to take a tip from a homeschooling friend who has her boys do drill type work while bouncing a ball or jumping on the trampoline, and T. recited his prepositions while swinging. He is up to 27 prepositions now, but I was amazed to find that he can do the whole list with no mistakes as long as he is swinging.

After we finished school, we decided to go to the park, forgetting that it is a holiday. The park was more crowded than we are used to, but the kids had fun, and I even talked to a couple moms for a short while (which is probably good for me, since I don't get a lot of socialization with other mommies). K. taught a group of little girls how to make "sand angels," which probably pleased their mothers very much.


Jules said...

Sounds like a great day!

I have heard that theory about boys being better at learning something if they can be moving while they learn it. It sounds so cool to me. I know for sure I have two boys who will benefit from me knowing that too! ;)

Belinda said...

Chicky, we totally have that same recliner. Two of them, in fact! Alex's is a "Big Boy," while mine is scaled for humans.