Sunday, February 19, 2006

In Which Ed Dozes in Front of the Congregation

We squeaked into church this morning just moments ahead of the choir, and the pews were packed, with even our usual "lean against the back wall" bench being taken. All that was left was the small section of pews up at the Very Front, to the right of the altar, directly across from the choir, so that was where we sat. K. was pretty good, and Ed made a valiant (but unsuccessful) effort to stay awake. Next time, though, I think I'll hunt down some folding chairs and sit in a less prominent location.

We went over to the fountain park by the river this afternoon, for a get together with Kim, K.'s new friend from dance class. I thought it was a bit chilly, what with the breeze off the river and all, but the kids didn't seem to mind and had a great time. Kim and her daddy brought a big bag of cheesy popcorn to share, which my poor deprived kids thought was just incredible stuff. As well as the fountains, they really got a kick out of the passing barges, sailboats, and pelicans. They ran around for hours, and I think we might really make an early night of it tonight.


Dy said...

The older two LOVE to sit in the front pew. I'd prefer one row back, as it's easier to keep Smidge corralled if he doesn't have an open dias to bolt up to, but that row's taken by people who get there to turn on the lights or something. Zorak prefers somewhere in the middle - he can sleep w/o feeling like he's being stared at by the pastor, but not so far back that the guy who tapes the sermons can pick up his snoring (you know, on the off chance that I don't wake him in time, *sigh*).

Glad it was a lovely weekend for you!

Celena said...

Where do you live? I'm guessing Flordia?

Simply Victoria said...

swimming you say?
wow, today I was looking for our warm wool coats this morning before church. it's sunny out, thankfully, but frrrrreezing!
that wind blows right through you!

Melora said...

Yup. Beautiful, balmy Florida. That is, beautiful for about four months out of the year, with the other eight months being swelteringly hot.