Monday, March 20, 2006

Annoying People and Dear Little Bunnies

We had our most irritating house showing to date this morning. A woman called around 9ish and asked a lot of questions, had us measure the bedrooms, said she had seen the virtual tour, and said she would like to come by around 11 to see the house. We put the day's plans on hold and cleaned. The woman, and her elderly mother, came at 11:00, looked into the front bedroom, peeked into the second bedroom, and said that it just wouldn't suit her. She wanted a two, not three, bedroom, with one of the bedrooms needing to be very large. On her way out, she stopped and asked about the millage rate. We said we didn't know what it was, and she started in about how Important the millage rate was, how she couldn't decide about whether to buy a house without knowing the millage rate, and on and on. I was feeling a little cranky and pointed out that, since she didn't like the house, the millage rate probably wasn't that important. Then she started in on Interest rates, and how important they were to housing prices. It took much too long to get her out.

I just can't understand Why she was looking at our house. There are SO many houses on the market in our area (to our sorrow!). Our house should be appealing to buyers who want a 3/2 with and office/den and a good sized fenced yard in a family neighborhood. She made a point of saying that she would turn the office back into a screened porch (major renovation), that she wanted two big bedrooms instead of 3 bedrooms, and that she didn't want to have to worry about mowing a big yard. Oooooh, how annoying! I guess that this is why people pay realtors, eh?

It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to mention the bunny-next-door in my description of our St. Pat's Day camp out. The bunny was nibbling grass on the other side of the fence, and T. included him in the picnic by tossing him some baby carrots. He has apparently decided that our intentions are kindly, or that we are so non-athletic that we couldn't quickly scale our four foot fence (both are true), and he continued to munch happily while we watched him from a couple feet away.


Celena said...

Bunnies are cute. People suck.

Melora said...

So true! Of course, if we were gardening instead of trying to sell houses, we might feel differently.