Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Don't Sew

Inspections this morning went okay, although the first house was surrounded by spider infested shrubs. The homeowner was friendly, though. I was taking notes in the family room and he commented, "I guess you can tell by the colors that we're Jaguars fans!" I took a closer look at the decor and, seeing posters with football helmets all over them, responded cleverly, "I guess they're a football team!" Turns out that they are a football team, but the fellow apparently deduced that I wasn't knowledgeable about sports, and let me get on with the inspection. His family room was painted in very vivid primary colors.

We went to the library for book group after lunch, where the day's activity to go with Robin Hood was sewing Robin Hood hats. Actually, it was a choice of embroidery or the hats, but, thankfully, neither of my kids wanted to embroider. Of course, I wound up sewing the hats anyway. T. managed to un-thread his needle five or six times before I lost patience and took over (I know, bad mommy! I threaded the needle for him and knotted both ends together so the needle wouldn't come off, but the mom-in-charge told him that one end of the thread should be loose and Cut it. I like her a lot, but What a thing to do.) K. made a valiant effort, and managed to sew her whole felt hat into a little ball before I finished T.'s. I cut the thread tangle and sewed hers into a hat (of sorts) too. Now at least they have part of their costumes ready for Friday, when we are going to meet at the park and act out some scenes from the book.


Dy said...

OK, first things first -

I LOVE all the photos of the kids this week! I love cute kid pics, anyway, but your two are just adorable, and always into something creative/fun/precious. And you capture it so well. You always make me smile.

Tell us more about K's green gown w/ hat and shield, please? That's just really a cool ensemble!

Bogus advertising company? I think I missed a huge post somewhere. What happened?!? And that lady? Wow, you were far nicer than I would have been. But you never know - people do weird things, like buy homes they swear just wouldn't do for them. Still praying!

Your camp out sounds like such a great time! I did a double take when you mentioned how hard the ground was, and I thought, "She slept out there, too!?!" I don't know why - it's not like I don't know what camping is... perhaps it's the sleep deprivation kicking in. Anyway, made me smile.

Boy, do I wish you lived nearby and would rope me into some creative activities w/ the kids. The boys are just so... on their own... when it comes to that stuff. I really must work harder at that.


Celena said...

I'm so impressed with all the fun stuff you do!

Melora said...

Celena- Thanks! My life does look much more amusing on the blog, since I can leave out all the yucky stuff & just show the fun things.

Dy -- Also thanks! They seem to have gotten their daddy's fondness for being photographed.

The green gown and hat are Harry Potter dress robes, made by my mom for Travis. They are a wonderful, heavy, velvety fabric, and, clever mom that she is, she made the robe with a huge hem so it can "grow" with the kids. The breastplate and shield are from a knight costume from Wal-mart, but together it makes a fetching get-up, doesn't it?
The bogus advertising company is BuyOwner.com. Their sales person lied to us about a number of important points, and we paid a large sum, up front, for internet advertising that no one looks at. They were dishonest and we were dumb.
I always feel like we don't do Enough fun stuff. Particularly with school, I think Travis would enjoy history and science more if I found time for experiments and projects. The camp out Was fun!
Travis Would love to play with your boys.