Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bad King John Gets His

The hs book group is reading Robin Hood this month. The mom whose home we met at today had planned a couple "Robing Hood" type activities, such as the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves," (which has too much violence for this group, but, happily, the kids quickly tired of the movie & ran off to play), horse shoes (which the Merry Men probably played in Sherwood Forest when things got slow), and archery. She has a couple "real" fiberglass bows (her husband is into hunting), and T. really enjoyed having the chance to shoot real arrows at a target. We had been asked to bring a target, so that there would be two, and Ed made ours by converting the posterboard picture we used for the bean bag toss at K.'s birthday party. For her third birthday, we drew a big Elmo and threw bean bags into his mouth, but this year, for her fourth birthday, she wanted Trixie, the little girl from "Knuffle Bunny." Ed added a big apple on top of Trixie's head, thinking the kids could shoot at the apple. Then we got to thinking that the kids might miss sometimes, and it just seemed Wrong to have them shoot little Trixie, so Ed whipped out the markers, and Trixie became the Wicked King John. No one felt sorry for King John when the occasional arrow missed the apple.

We had a call Monday night from a fellow who wanted to see the house this evening. He sounded really enthusiastic, so we cleaned up a storm. He came by tonight at 5:30, and spent about 40 minutes looking at the house, but, fairly early on, he mentioned that his wife would be coming down from New Jersey in May, and that they would be looking at houses together then. Later, he was asking about the allergy season here (year 'round), and speculating on how his wife's allergies would be If they moved down. Not promising. He did keep telling us about hos Marvelous the church he is attending here is, and asked me several times if I planned on visiting. I just kept telling him that we love our church (and said Nothing about the reputation of the pastor at his church), but I sure wish I had that kind of nerve. I'd have asked him when we could expect his offer on our house.


Dy said...

You've got to ask for the sale! ;-) (I hated that part of selling - asking for the sale - but learned early on that if you don't ask, they usually won't buy. So in the interest of not starving to death, I learned to ask.)

I LMBO at King John. And I can "see" Trixie in that - that's such a fun book, and y'all captured the facial expression perfectly.

What a fun week you've had.

Oh, and ignore the folks who think it's better for your children to be unsupervised and yet yearn for the days of corporal punishment - that's just weird. *grin*


poolie said...

KING JOHNY got his garbige can broke

Melora said...

I just thought that if they liked it, they would make an offer. That's what I would do! We will try your way next chance we get!!