Monday, March 13, 2006

Homeland Security Got My Mom's Oat Cakes

I was working industriously today when I got a call from the "Brit Shoppe." While my mom was visiting, she called them a couple times to find out if they had oat cakes, which are a sort of oatty biscuit, in stock, but they never did. The lady from the shop(pe) was calling to let my mom know (in her cute British accent) that they Still didn't have the oat cakes, and would she like to be put on a list to be called when/if they ever came in. Then the lady went on to explain to me that the oat cakes had been part of a shipment from England that didn't make it past Homeland Security due to some error in the paperwork or packaging. I really am in favor of tight port security, but I have a hard time imagining how oat cakes could be considered a threat to national security. Anyway Mom, your cakes are on their way back to England, but the Brit Shoppe lady will call me if any ever turn up!

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