Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baking, Coloring, and Goofing Off

The boys left for the ball game right after lunch. It is absolutely gorgeous out, and I guess they must be having fun, since they've been gone three and a half hours so far. K. and I have been having playing, reading, and baking, and I've been enjoying having a little one on one time with her. We read a stack of Max and Ruby books (by Rosemary Wells), and then K. wanted to bake a cake, just like Max and Ruby did in Bunny Cakes, so we did. K. made me pretend to be Max, and kept writing ingredients we needed on a "shopping list" and making me pretend to go for the store for them. It took longer than making a cake mix cake usually does, but it was fun. Then we made a loaf of egg bread (in the machine), and spent some time coloring. I need to get a report done this afternoon, so I told K. she could watch her new Max and Ruby video (we seem to have a theme today), so now I'd better quit fooling around and do some work!


CeCe said...

I haven't read any of the newer Ruby and Max books, but I remember one that my little brother had when we were kids.

"Bad egg!"Said Max.
"Good egg!" Said Ruby.

Melora said...

Max's Breakfast was where I first met Max and Ruby too. Aren't they a hoot? Now they're in full size picture books as well as board books.