Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Concession Stand Was Great, Mom!

T. and Ed got back home from the ball game around 4:00, a little sunburned and tired, but in good spirits. T. couldn't wait to tell me about all the different treats they had eaten -- sausage sandwich, pizza, and bottled waters. He had had fun playing around with the other kids from the hs co-op who were there, and also told me about the bingo game, and the man selling beer. When I asked him which team had won the game, though, he looked a bit surprised and said, "I don't know, Mom." Ed didn't have any idea either. I know T. enjoyed the outing, though, because, as we were sitting down to dinner, he said "Next time I go to a football game, I'll bring more money for food, Mom." The food was apparently pretty good, but he still doesn't know the difference between baseball and football.


CeCe said...

HA ha, he'll learn soon enough!

Melora said...

I suppose he will. I should ask Ed if he even tried to explain what the players (as opposed to the short order cooks) do in a baseball game. I haven't been to a game in Years, but I do remember that, once I'd finished my lemon slushie, I was pretty much ready to go home.