Monday, March 27, 2006

For Cryin' Out Loud, Will Someone Just Please Buy This House!

Today has been cool and utterly lovely, and, aside from my inspection this morning (when I finally inspected broken-foot woman's house -- third time is the charm!), I've spent it inside. I got two calls about the house early this afternoon, as I was busily working on a report, one from a woman who said she would like to see it tomorrow at 10:00, and one from a woman who said she wanted to see it in an hour and a half from the time she called, or about 3:30. The 3:30 woman kept me on the phone talking for most of an hour, briefly about the house, and at incredible length about her various business triumphs and struggles against the "old boy network" which she claims rules this town. When she finally let me hang up, I neglected my report and cleaned. 3:30 came and went, but she never showed up. At 6:30, she called again, asking for directions (again), and Ed gave them to her. She pulled into the driveway, rolled down her window, and told Ed, who was waiting outside, that the house was too small. I just don't get it. I told her how many square feet it was when we spoke earlier in the afternoon. Was it a smaller 1,454 s.f. than she expected? I know I keep saying this, but words are simply inadequate to express how much I loathe trying to sell this house.


Dy said...

Dealing with the general public is as astounding crash course in general idiocy. Maybe make a game of it?

Have y'all thought about hiring a realtor for this process? Even if he/she simply weeded out the phone calls and idiots, it might be worth the commission.

{{hugs}} Don't give up - your buyer is out there!


Cherrypie said...

I'm told sprinkling cinnamon on a hot grill pan and percolating coffee are meant to be very effective in creating the type of atmosphere that sells houses. No idea if it works but I'm sure your house already smells of scrummy home-baking.

Don't worry about it. Maybe the perfect house for you just hasn't come on the market yet and fate is just keeping you there long anough to wait for it.

And I think I know Jesus Loves Me. I must reveal a misspent youth as a Methodist x

CeCe said...

I know your pain!