Friday, March 03, 2006

A Bit Wonky

T. and his Paba walked over to a nearby pond after lunch today and netted six little fish for our fountain. T. managed not to fall in, which pleased me. The fish are very little, so perhaps they will not attract the attention of hungry raccoons, cats, and egrets (who, we think, ate the goldfish and algae eater we used to have). I tried to take a picture of the actual fish, but the camera didn't want to focus on them, so I'm putting up pictures of some of their relatives.

We did some party preparation today, including four pizza doughballs, now in the refrigerator, and a very pretty birthday cake. My wonderful mom did most of the work, since my back has gone wonky and a took a pain pill, which makes my brain wonky too.


Celena said...

Maybe not QUITE as pretty as goldfish, but a little more special since they were "hunted"

Belinda said...

The house we just moved into came with a koi pond. There are like, 40 of the little buggers in there, and we have no clue what to do with them. We toss some feed in every once in a while, and I found some bacteria stuff that clears up the algae in the water. What kind of "algae eaters" could I put in there with the koi? There is one BIG orange fish, and another about half her size, black and orange, and all the rest are beautiful red and black things, about 4-5 inches long.

Melora said...

My algae eater was called a "suckermouth catfish" or Plecostomus. He didn't bother the goldfish and did a good job eating the algae, until something ate him.