Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blastin' Banana Blueberry Pudding

Yesterday, T. and I made "Blastin' Banana Blueberry Pudding to take to the church pot luck. It came from a Southern Living that Ed's dad passed on to me. T. thought it looked good, we had the ingredients, and the name was appropriate in that T. had a blast making it. Once I convinced him that catapulting the blueberries into the dish was not acceptable, he did a very commendable job with it, too. It didn't turn out to be one of my favorite desserts, but Ed and T., who are not as ardent about chocolate as I am, thought it was quite yummy.

I had to drive for a couple hours to do inspections this morning (including a trip back to broken foot woman from last Friday, who told me, when I got there, that she wanted to wait 'til Monday. Sigh.). The orange trees are in bloom, and the smell is just heavenly when you drive past the groves. Of course, most of the groves have been bulldozed to make room for more hideously ugly subdivisions of identical houses on little identical lots. Depressing. The trees that are left smell really lovely.

I've discovered the the key to getting T. excited about his school work. The Loch Ness monster. He is reading "The Water Horse" by Dick King-Smith today, and I didn't had to remind him to keep to his reading once. Now he is reading the Loch Ness monster section from "Fantasy Encyclopedia" by Judy Allen, and seemed almost enthusiastic about his assignment of writing a few sentences about what he read. If only he were obsessed with something real that we could tie into science or history!

Note to my bloggy friends who have scrambled letter verification for comments: I've tried to comment today, but it won't "take." It must be just temporary, since other people left comments on your sites.


Dy said...

Good grief, can you just ask that woman to call when she IS ready? *sigh*

And what do you mean you can't catapult the berries in? Why not, Mom? (Actually, if you could make food using models of the various history tools you learn about... that might work. You know, use a little model shaduf to transfer milk from the measuring cup to the bowl? A trebuchet to lob the berries in... Hey! You could make a whole accessory to history studies: Eat Your Way Through the Past!) Anyway, the pudding looks so yummy! I've been in the mood to make puddings lately - but try for variety. Yum.


Melora said...

Wow! You need to be writing your own history program -- I'm sure there is a homeschool market for "Eat Your Way Through the Past." (I'm first on the list!)

The problem with catapulting blueberries is that blueberries, especially frozen blueberries, stain. Grapes would be more acceptable.

Cherrypie said...

There's been a recent report of a Nessie siting, tell T. It did coincide with the appointment of a new Director running the scottish Tourist Board but I'm not cynical enough to read anything into that.

Your puddings look great.x

Melora said...

Cherry Pie --
You've fed The Obsession! Travis is already champing at the bit to travel to Scotland and visit "Nessie." He is under the impression that he will be able to rent a Submarine to explore the lake & prove conclusively that the beast Is Real. I'm saving my pennies with the idea that, in 9-10 years, we can take a trip to Great Britain, but I'm quite sure the budget won't stretch to submarine rentals.