Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Friday

Today did not go quite as planned, but we've had fun!

Ed went out at the crack of dawn (or around 8:00) to get me some house pictures, then I had an inspection at 9:00. The house did not measure the way I expected, and I was afraid it wasn't going to appraise to the sales price, and the order was from the boss's favorite client, so I decided that I needed to finish the report right away so Janice could look it over before she left town for a vacation. I asked Ed if he would take the kids to the park for the Robin Hood play. He was happy to, but K. had a fit. She didn't want to go without me, so Ed and T. went, and K. watched Bob the Builder while I did the report. The report ended up coming out fine, and, although I was sorry to miss the park, I now have only one report to do over the weekend!!!

Ed saw the dermatologist today, and the spot he was worried about isn't skin cancer. It's a non-cancerous mole. Ed is now asking me "Are you putting that on your blog?" "I don't have moles. It's a spot. The Doctor called it a spot!" He says "spot," I say "mole," thank goodness it isn't cancer.

T. and I did school this afternoon, after I chased Hana, who allegedly came over to play with K., back home. Given that we have to do school on and off throughout the day, it is a challenge having a playmate next door who seems to have a short school day (although I am grateful to have a child next door who plays with both my kids). T. was cooperative, but with the attention span of a gnat. Ed picked up my new Evan-Moor science workbook on Habitats today from the Book Center, and it has lots of simple, fun activities, so, if my work schedule stays light, maybe we'll spend some more time on science, which I have largely neglected. Who knows, maybe science could turn out to be T.'s "thing?"


Dy said...

Oh, I wouldn't care what it was called, as long as the news was that the hubby is okay! I'm so thankful he's just, um, spotted. :-) (I get the "are you blogging that" question a lot. Sheesh, like we're weird or something? Must be a guy thing.) ;-)

K is so sweet. And I'm glad you've only got one more report to do. I hope it goes smoothly and you don't get bit by anything!


poolie said...

im with dy