Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cut Off at the Library

K. and I accomplished great things this morning, taking care of the week's library-ing and grocery shopping (although the milk will undoubtedly run out before next Sunday since I only bought 4 1/2 gallons). I had very efficiently made up my library list at home, with books about Henry the Navigator, Isabel of Spain, and habitats. K. and I found our books, along with some extras, just for fun, but the grumpy young man at the checkout desk wouldn't let me get them all, telling me that I had hit my limit. This made me feel a bit grumpy myself, although I paid him back by digging through the stack that he had already checked out and handing him back some non-essentials to check back in so I could get all the books I really needed (which I would not have done if there had been someone waiting behind me, but there wasn't). It was just annoying because they override the "limit" all the time, and he was just being jerky, but the circulation department has always been staffed by the most miserable people in the library. The grocery store went fine (they Never tell you that you have hit your limit at the grocery store, although perhaps sometimes they should).

The reason for doing the library today instead of Tuesday was that, at the Friday hs meeting at the park, T. heard that others in the group are going to a baseball game on Tuesday. Apparently the Dodgers are having a "kids get in free" thing on Tuesday, although adults have to pay fifteen dollars, so it still doesn't seem like a bargain to me. I had gotten some e-mails with a subject line about baseball, but I'd deleted them without looking because it never crossed my mind that T. would want to watch a game. Apparently he would, and does, so I told Ed that he and T. can go (good father/son thing, right?). K. and I will stay home and bake cookies.


Dy said...

You handled that quite well. Our itty bitty library here has a five book limit. I asked if we can get a card for the dog, too. They stuck to it at first, but now they let us take more than that. And I've tried to reciprocate by not ever having late fees. We'll see how long that lasts.

Isn't it funny how these little guys go and grow up right under our noses? Developing interests we didn't pick for them and everything! Sounds like a fun way to spend the day, though. I love getting a little one-on-one w/ the kids.

Enjoy your Sunday!

CeCe said...

Was K. not interested in Baseball?

Melora said...

K. didn't ask to go, and, at just four, I thing she would find sitting through a ball game unbearably dull (I'm pretty sure T. will too).

Cherrypie said...

You bake cookies too. I wish my Mum was all american. She once made Yorkshire Puddings which were so hard we used them for " Trick or Treat" - 3 weeks later!!

Melora - I could really do with your help. Could you drop by if you have 2 minutes before the oven pings, please? xx