Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Can So Sing "Jesus Loves Me"

K. did Sunday school again today, and during coffee hour, the teacher came up to me and told me that K. had said, when the children were told that their parents would need to teach them "Jesus Loves Me" for an upcoming performance, that Her mommy couldn't do that. My daughter's faith in me is touching, eh? I assured the teacher that I could manage "Jesus Loves Me" -- after all, we are Episcopalians, so no one expects us to be tuneful, just reasonably accurate on the words. On the way home, I sang JLM, and T. was amazed that I knew the words (he had brought home a photocopy of the words & music in his pocket, since apparently he also doubted my competence in this). Given my children's confidence in my abilities, I guess it is no wonder that the Sunday School teachers look at me askance when homeschooling comes up.

As planned, the kids and I talked about animal habitats today and walked around the backyard identifying and drawing the animals that live there. The Evan-Moor book suggested studying a 2' X 2' square, and learning about how much life there is in such a small area, but the little squares we tried studying were not very lively, so we decided to include the whole backyard. T. ended up with a picture showing a wasp, bird, lizard, ants, squirrel, mosquito, spider, dragonfly, worm (really a caterpillar), butterfly, snake (which he didn't actually see, but he heard a snakey rustle), and Bo.

*Ed just told me that he'd never heard "Jesus Loves Me" before, so maybe it is just locally that it is a Sunday School traditional.


CeCe said...

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible tells me so...

Something something something you something we are weak, but he is strong!"

See? Up here in Canada, we even know it!!

Melora said...

That's what I thought -- it's one of those little things that Everyone knows, except for Ed, of course, who spends a fair lot of time off in his alternate universe.