Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fearsome Frogs and Job Grumbles

I meant to get up bright and early this morning and do a report. Instead I slept late and have been groggy and unproductive. K. had nightmares about frogs and turtles in the bedroom last night, and couldn’t get back to sleep. Ed and I were up for ages with her, trying to convince her that there were no frogs or turtles crawling around in our house, waiting for her to close her eyes so they could pounce on her. I asked her about it this morning, and she said that she dreamed she was sleeping on the floor, and she felt something cold and wet on her leg, and she heard a “chomp chomp” sound, and it was big frogs eating her. We watched a cute little tree frog on the window last night, and I guess he mutated in her dreams into a horde of giant, little-girl-devouring frogs. I’ll make sure to pull the blinds early tonight!

I had to drive all the way to the north end of the county this afternoon for inspections, and my camera batteries died mid-inspection of a crummy little house which had a lot of damage which needed to be photographed (fortunately it was vacant). I had a bunch of batteries in my bag, but they were all dead too. I had to find a Walgreens, wait in line behind an elderly woman who was doing her weekly shopping with coupons, and then go back to the house to finish up. By the time I made it home, the kids had missed gymnastics, which was disappointing. Then I got an e-mail from the office, to the effect that I’m supposed to do a “pre-inspection” of a property tomorrow, so I can tell the mortgage broker what needs to be fixed so I won’t note any damage to be fixed when I eventually do the appraisal. I called and made the arrangements to do the inspection, and quoted them what I thought was an appropriate fee for the job, then called the office, and was told “we’re doing this as a favor,” so there will be no fee. My boss is a wealthy woman, and the cost of gasoline is insignificant to her, but, with gas costing us $60.00 every time we fill up the tank, it just infuriates me to be told that I need to spend my time and gas to do favors for investors and mortgage brokers. Grrr! Sell, house, sell!!!