Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Prices are Dropping Here at Crazy Eddie's!

We dropped the price on the house again today. This is our last ditch effort – if the house doesn’t sell at this price (or, more accurately, at the price slightly lower than our asking price, which we have determined is the bare minimum we could get and still have enough to move and buy a new house), then we’ll just have to sit tight until the market improves, which could take years. If we do sell now, we’ll have to take our washer/dryer, refrigerator, curtains, and anything else take-able, because the allowance for decorating a new house is Gone. K. wants to take the windows and doors, but I don’t think we could get away with that (which is too bad, ‘cause I’m very fond of our front door!). I told Ed that we’d better tidy up tonight, because the phone will be ringing off the hook tomorrow with eager buyers (positive thoughts!!!).

T. lost another tooth last night. He loves losing teeth, because the tooth fairy in these parts is really generous, but it makes me sad. His baby teeth were so cute and little, and the new ones are so big. It reminds me of how fast he is growing up, that he is rapidly growing into those great big teeth of his. Sniff!


CeCe said...

We're ditching the selling the house idea on June 15th if it doesn't happen.

Dy said...

How long has the house been on the market now?

baby teeth - so tiny. And those big ones really are big! Particularly at first!


Melora said...

The house has been on the market since the beginning of January. We expected it to sell quickly, because the market was so hot for the last few years. Things actually started cooling last fall, had flattened by the time we put ours up for sale, and have now nose dived. We started out priced too high, still thinking of the crazy prices people were getting last summer. Now we have come Way down, and are as low as we can go. I haven't heard the phone ring yet.
I hope your buyer shows up soon, Cece!

Cherrypie said...

Well, I haven't got a potential buyer for you, but I do have a Tag which might pass some time whilst the next owners of your house are driving across town to view your perfect house.

Please drop by and check out what you have to do xx

( Hope you don't mind, they got me and I felt obliged to cooperate but I'd understnad if you preferred not to) x