Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I Love Him Anyway

Ed started today, our anniversary, in the doghouse, and, after a pleasant day, is back there again. We had agreed to celebrate the day by all going out for pizza tonight, and to not buy anything for each other. Ed bought me roses. I was so mad, I still haven't opened his card (and I didn't get him one, 'cause I thought we weren't doing that!).
It was a nice day. I got a report done this morning, and then took the kids to meet with the hs co-op at a putt-putt golf place down the road which also has batting cages. The book this month is about baseball (The Boy Who Saved Baseball), but we don't have it yet. T. got some tries at batting, and one of the dads coached him a bit, so he actually nicked the ball once. What he Really enjoyed was when our time in the batting cages was done and we went inside and I let him play a few arcade games (the sorts of games where you throw balls at things), and K. got an ice cream.
We went for pizza at a new place Ed's parents recommended. They have a Tuesday night pizza special, and the place was fairly crowded. It took a while to get our food, since the waitress brought our pizza to another table, where the people ate half of it before asking what that stuff was on half of their pizza (it was pineapple). Our french fry appetizer kept the kids calm until the food finally came, and the pizza was fine, but I wasn't "wow-ed." The waitress never offered to refill our drinks, or anything like that. Ed, however, was apparently quite impressed. He insisted on tipping her $6.00 on a $16.85 bill. He says that you should always tip a minimum of $5, I say that 20% is appropriate, particularly for someone who gives my dinner to another table. What do you say, readers? Did I mention that the waitress was young and blonde?


Dy said...

Hmm, I think he goofed, and picked a particularly bad day to do it, too. 20% is the standard for good service - drinks refilled, food on time. If you have to track the staff down for drink refills more than once, then 10% is ample. If there's a mistake, there is some form of restitution for it - comp drinks or appetizer, take a portion of the bill off. Something should have been done to accomodate for that. If we have a truly spectacular server, we've been known to tip upwards of 50%. If the service is that lousy, we may have not left a tip at all. Not even if she was well-endowed. ;-)

The card? No clue. Zorak always does that to me - we agree not to do anything, then he goes and does something. Sweet, but annoying. On the upside, what's one bad call (or two) out of a lifetime of love, a wonderful family, and a great homelife, right?

Happy Anniversary!

Cherrypie said...

I wouldn't tip if I received shoddy service but I think your culture is slightly different on that.

As for the card and flowers, I'm with Ed. If my bloke ever failed to get me anything, even if we'd agreed not to, I'd be really disappointed ( nb. this is of course hypothetical, Wedding Anniversaries are the least of my worries)..


Cherrypie said...
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