Monday, May 15, 2006


It’s been hot lately – mid-90’s, but we had a storm this afternoon and it hailed! The wind was whipping the rain around, and then we started to hear hard bangings on the windows and skylight, and we looked out and saw ice piling up. The kids were absolutely ecstatic over this amazing event, running from doors to windows, yelling “Snow! Snow!” As soon as it stopped thundering, I let them go outside, and they ran around, scooping up handfuls of hailstones and tossing them into the air. K. kept exclaiming “It’s Christmas!”
Ed sent me outside to bring the kids in, and I got distracted by the novel sensation of little tiny ice cubes crunching under my bare feet – how neat! (Now I’m in the doghouse, but it was worth it!)

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Jules said...

Hail is pretty cool!

I'm glad you let your kids get out and enjoy it. It's such a strange thing- definitely good stuff for kids!