Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No News

Today was noneventful. I worked, did some school with T., and wasted too much time futilely wondering Why my very nice, reasonably priced house is still not sold. Got another call today from a girl who wondered if we could do a lease purchase, but I told her that, sadly, we can't. The hail storm smashed up my new impatiens, but otherwise did no damage. I asked Ed if he thought we should have another open house next weekend. We are both feeling a bit discouraged, but T. and K. chimed in right away that they thought another open house would be a Great Idea! They are hoping for another trip to IHOP.

On a more cheerful note, I've been shopping for next year's school books (still planning that I won't be working so much next year and we'll be able to keep home schooling). Shopping for and buying school materials is so much fun! There is the magical fantasy that this program or book will inspire and delight, that learning will be the joyful shared adventure I imagine in my most unrealistic dreams. Once the daily slog of actually using the materials begins, of course, all illusions are quickly shattered, but I'll enjoy the fantasy while it lasts.

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