Sunday, May 14, 2006

Thanks, Mom!

I hit the jackpot when I got my mom. She really is, as Mary Poppins would say, “practically perfect in every way.” When I occasionally hear other people complaining about their meddling, selfish, or otherwise unsatisfactory mothers, I feel a sense of profound gratitude for the loving, funny, generous mother with whom I was blessed.
I always know that, when I call my mom she will be happy to talk to me. If I’m down, she’ll sympathize and lift my spirits, and if things are good, she’ll share in my happiness. She has a spectacularly good memory, but she never brings up old mistakes or wrongs. She is smart, and more widely read than I expect I’ll ever be. I can call with a question about cooking or anatomy or history, and be sure she’ll have the answer. Mom always expresses confidence in my abilities, no matter how skimpy the supporting evidence, and loving appreciation for my modest achievements. She loves my kids, and will listen to me carry on ad nauseam about how cute, smart, etc. they are without sighing or quibbling, and when I worry about them, she offers up anything she thinks might be helpful, and, equally valuably, reminds me that, despite the minor setbacks and crises, they will probably come out fine in the end. I just hope that, when they’re grown, my kids will love me as much as I love my mom.


CeCe said...

You're very lucky! I'm happy for you!

Dy said...

That is so beautiful. Happy Mother's Day - to both of you!!

Cherrypie said...

That can't be your Mum. Surely it's your sister.