Thursday, May 18, 2006


I spent two and a half hours this morning inspecting and measuring sheds and carports on a five acre property way out west of town. There was actually a house, too, and a large kennel, but I spent most of my time pushing through overgrown grass and shrubs (and falling into a large hole) to measure the homeowner’s many out-buildings. He was actually a very nice fellow, who is doing a refinance in an effort to revive his business (the kennel) and save the “farm.” He helped me measure, and pointed out the many charms of the various sheds, all the while telling me the tragic tale of how he arrived in his current precarious situation, through the very colorful deeds of “the woman who done him wrong.” He was, as I said, a nice guy, and I hope the refinance helps, but I couldn’t help thinking that the property might actually be worth more without quite so many sheds. There were at least 10, including a 17’ x 57’ metal monstrosity, an 8’ x 40’ metal box of the sort carried on flat train cars, and a partly finished room with attached carport that he is considering turning into a stable. It is going to be an interesting report.

As I was leaving, I saw two very cute woodpeckers up a pole. I think they were pileated woodpeckers, but small ones.


Carmenzta said...

I love the woodpecker picture! Yesterday I saw a beautiful gold and black oriole. I wish I would have had my camera.

CeCe said...

We've got woodpeckers that look JUST like that here!