Saturday, May 13, 2006

There's No Romance in Being Eaten by a Giant Chicken

We had an open house today.  We cleaned last night, and the kids and I cleared out late in the morning, after Ed had put up signs (with balloons) directing people to our house from all the nearby roads.  We had an early lunch at IHOP, and went to the park, the library, and the mall.  We had fun, but by the time we turned onto our street and were in sight of our house, I was exhausted.  There was a car pulling into our driveway, though, so we detoured to the gas station and bought ice cream, in order to give the people time to look.  Then we went home.  Turned out, the people we saw in the driveway were the only ones who had showed up all day, and they hadn’t stayed long.  At least we had a fun afternoon out, though, and Ed had had hours of peace with his computer and the two packages of cookies he’d bought while picking up the balloons!  The kids spread the new clothes we’d bought at the mall around the house, and we settled back in.  About an hour later, while Ed was off picking up the “open house” signs, there was a knock on the door, and a nice couple wandered in, wanting to see the house.  They looked around pretty thoroughly, and seemed to like it.  They did say that they still hadn’t sold their house in Ohio, though, so I guess it probably won’t come to much.  Our house is nice and clean, though!

Ed borrowed The Family Stone from the video store, and we watched it tonight.  I got a bit teary at a couple points, where the mother (played by Diane Keaton) was dealing with the idea of her imminent death (from cancer) and leaving her adult children, who, like all children still need their mom.  K. and T. were watching Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius on my computer while we watched our movie, and it turned out that Jimmy Neutron was even more traumatic than Family Stone.  K. came in, weeping, because Jimmy’s mom was kidnapped by aliens, and was going to be eaten by a giant chicken.  Even though Jimmy’s mom was rescued from this dire fate, K. doesn’t seem to be able to put it out of her mind, and keeps telling me that she is afraid I will be kidnapped by aliens.  Now that would be surprising.


Dy said...

Oh, man, you have stamina! WOW!

Here's to a rush on housing in Ohio!


Melora said...

I'm hoping!

Cherrypie said...

You appear to have the cleanest floors in America from those pictures on your last post. Respect, Melora.

Please remember to take photos to post here if you do ever get abducted x

Melora said...

Thanks, Cherry Pie! Tile has some drawbacks, but you sure can get it clean!
I will be sure to ask the aliens to give me a second to grab my camera:)

poolie said...

whats stamina