Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bo Got Mail!

Ed noticed a delivery person dropping off a package on our doorstep this afternoon, and asked me if I was expecting a package. I wasn’t, and figured it was more of his medical supplies (he gets lots of packages, and they are all dull). When I checked, though, it turned out to be a care package for Bo! My kind hearted, dog loving aunt took pity on my poor, thunder traumatized dog, and ordered him some interesting products designed to calm his fears. There is an “anxiety wrap,” which will (possibly) “reduce stress” and make him “feel secure.” Also, there is “Rescue Remedy: Natural Stress Relief,” which is a little dropper bottle full of “flower essence formula” which claims to be “effective in virtually every situation that causes stress or anxiety.” Bo modeled the wrap for us this afternoon without objection, although he might have had second thoughts if he had glanced in a mirror. I suppose the theory behind the wrap is the same as swaddling a baby, which was actually fairly effective with my babies. We’ll see about the drops. If they don’t help Bo, I may try them myself when dealing with underwriters.

*Does the Rottweiler on the Anxiety Wrap box look anxious to you? To me, that dog appears to be calmly considering devouring an intruding appraiser, not feeling anxious. Maybe it's just me. Don't the dog and cat in the picture look happy? Bo's wrap actually fits better than it appears in the picture -- I just have to snug up the back strap.


CeCe said...

Our dog trainer HIGHLY recommends rescue remedy for all sorts of problems (Annie's never needed it though)

Dy said...

Is this the same Rescue Remedy people use? If so, that stuff is phenomenal. I call it "Mommy's Little Happy Bottle" (which, now that I see it in writing, may be mentioned in the kids' therapy sessions twenty years from now...) Anyway, it is wonderful stuff. My Family Doc recommended it when my Mom passed away - it worked great. We've used it on the boys a time or two, as well. I've contemplated slipping it into Zorak's coffee, but he's so laid back already that I'm afraid he'd either slip into a coma or turn into Al Bundy. So, I've refrained.

I hope the wrap and the Rescue Remedy help poor Bo. It's hard to deal with that kind of weather ALL SEASON LONG. What a thoughtful aunt you have!


Melora said...

It's good to hear that these things are effective! Now, I can hardly wait for a thundery day, so we can do a test! (And, this being Florida, I probably won't have long to wait.)
The Rescue Remedy Is for people as well (actually, the bottle doesn't even mention dogs). I'll give it a try next time the need arises!

Jules said...

My collie used to be the same way. One time we found her hiding in the bathtub, trying to scrunch into a "corner", behind the shower curtain. I hope the nasty weather passes quickly and that Bo survives!

Hornblower said...

If you find the RR doesn't work (I find it works for me but slowly....; haven't tried it on the dog yet), you could try DAP - dog appeasing pheromone. It's a smell that bitches put out when pups are nursing & calms anxious dogs. Comes in spray & room plug-in; odorless for us, helpful for the dogs.
I've read trainers use it for all kinds of situations, including fireworks, Halloween & thunder.

Cherrypie said...

If it's the Bach's Flower Rescue Remedy, I never leave home without it.

It's wasted on the dog. ( although I really don't mean that unkindly, she's a lovely dog) x

Melora said...

Oh my goodness. Well, Cherrypie, you tipped the balance. I'd been hesitant to try the Rescue Remedy -- after all, it did come in a package for Bo -- but the kids are pre-bedtime-wild, and I made a glass for Ed and one for me! I'm glad to know it is such good stuff.